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A live peek into the future that shows the expected financial performance of a new lot starting at any future date along with a historical chart that displays past PnL potential for that particular start month.

The easiest interface for cattle and corn price quotes along with an overview of your entire operation. We show how many active lots and head of cattle you have, as well as your average cost of gain and breakeven so you always know when you should act.

See all of your open lots along with their expected out-date, profit or loss, customer, and location.

See all of your open lots along with their expected out-date, profit or loss, customer, and location.

We pull your brokerage trades into Cattle Core so you can quickly assign them to a lot. The dashboard lets you assign trades in seconds so you can get on with your day.


all of your lot information for easy tracking and decision making

An easy to sort page that gives you everything you need to know about your open lots. Search and sort by customer, out-date, location, profit margin, and much more.

The heart and soul of the program. Lot details gives you a granular look at a group of cattle. See your PnL, brokerage positions allocated to the lot, production details, and and a super intuitive chart that shows the lot’s historical profit or loss along with that of your brokerage positions. Details are broken down per pound, cwt, head, and for the whole lot.

All of your past lots saved forever. Search and sort by any criteria you can think of, and view close-out summaries. This lets you mine data to gain a better understanding of what factors led to your highest profit margins.

Brokerage positions

all of your hedges, all in one place

We will automatically pull your brokerage transactions from our approved clearing firms so you don’t have to worry about double entry.

Allocate your trades to one or multiple lots all from a single screen. We automatically calculate each position’s profit or loss and apply it to the correct lot of cattle. Never deal with annoying sub-accounts or confusing spreadsheets again!

Each position is independently PnL’d in near real-time so you are always up to the minute with your positions. Save time by checking your positions on Cattle Core instead of calling into your broker.

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